Volleyball competitions among young men

Volleyball competitions among young men were held in accordance with the calendar plan of sports events of the college. The purpose of the competition was the development and popularization of volleyball among students, the strengthening of friendly ties between athletes, the improvement of sports skills, and the tasks were set to involve them in systematic volleyball classes, and promote a healthy lifestyle.
The competition was attended by 10 teams, the competition was held in 2 subgroups, then - butt meetings. The games held were distinguished by a high emotional background caused by the maximum physical and mental stress in the context of a direct struggle for the result.
All games were extremely interesting and entertaining. This, and power in a jump, and powerful attacking strikes from the back line, and masterly defensive actions when blocking, and complex combinations with the participation of all players. Teams of groups 9211 and 0311 showed good technical play in the final, the places were distributed in the following order:

First place - the team of group 9211;
The second place was taken by the team of group 0311;
Bronze awards were given to the team of group 0411.

At the end of the competition, the winners and prize-winners were awarded, who were awarded cups, medals and certificates.