Dialogue platform "Socio-psychological adaptation as a factor of student success"
We choose help
14 National Festival of Architecture
Behind the scenes of the Belarusian State Circus
The final module of the volunteer project "SUPOLKA 20/20"
Teacher's Day is a professional holiday for educational workers
"Minsk - Logishin village - Pinsk - Minsk"
No. 38 (12957), September 23, 2021, page 10 | Evening Minsk: Makeup artists of avenues and quarters
“Pride for Belarus. Education for the future of the country "
"A day without a car"
"Screen of Mood" promotion
Participation in the Marathon "Volunteering is us!"
Republican action "The Year of National Unity - the Year of Good Deeds"
September 17 - National Unity Day
Meeting with the assistant prosecutor of the Partizansky district of Minsk
Meeting with the Deputy Head of the Partizansky District Administration
Republican action "Single day of safety"
Preventive conversation
Knowledge day
The festival of professions "Bukids"
On June 25, students of the branch took part in the regional job fair
On June 24, within the framework of events dedicated to the celebration of Youth Day, as well as the patriotic challenge #symbol of my country, a regional action "We are together" was held.
June 23, 2021 “Each time has its own heroes” - this was the theme of the dialogue platform
June 22, 2021 Day of Remembrance and Mourning in the Republic of Belarus
06/21/2021 the administration of the Partizansky district carried out a sports quest, as part of the events timed to the youth week
June 26 - International Day against Drug Abuse and Illigal Trafficking
From June 1 to 4 2021, a scientific and practical conference of students of the branch of BNTU MGASK "We are building the future" was held. The conference is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of an educational institution
"A moment of my life"
May 15 was held the Day of Open Doors
"Look and Remember"
"Memorable Patriotic Marathon"
Belarus against tobacco
May 15 was held the Day of Open Doors
"Look and Remember"
"Memorable Patriotic Marathon"
Participation in the solemn ritual of honoring state symbols
Festive concert dedicated to Victory Day
Minsk - a/c Zalesye - village Boruny - a/c Golshany - Oshmyany – Minsk
"There is in your and my people's victory the spring of 45"
Karting Tournament
XIX republican exhibition
"Good spring"
Republican preventive action "House without violence!"
Traditional republican Subbotnik
XIX republican exhibition
"Good spring"
Republican preventive action "House without violence!"
Reporting conference of the trade union organization of students
"Health for all!"
How were the students of MGASK met on the International “Fool’s Day”?
Minsk - Krasny Bereg - Bobruisk - Minsk
Belarus and Russia: the history of the formation and development of the Union State
The bells of our memory
World Poetry Day. Creative meeting
Park-Museum of Interactive History "Sula"
03/20/2021 Doors open day
BUDEXPO-2021: interesting for everyone!!!
International Day Against Drug Addiction and Illegal Drug Trafficking
Volleyball competitions among young men
On March 14, Maslenitsa week ended with festive festivities in the Gorky Park
Competitiveness is the goal of the future graduate
On March 4, the annual city volunteer action "Good Spring"
Spring comes to us with a warm sun, good mood and happy holidays. I am very glad that the first spring holiday is International Women's Day

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