“Remember to live. Burnt villages. Crime without statute of limitations”
03/21/2023 Friendly volleyball match
Game-quest "Entertaining computer science"
Printing house "Donarit"
03/18/2023 Culinary battle
Workshop on working with fabric "Tulips"
Seminar "Actual issues of prevention of infectious diseases"
Personal exhibition. Design 0792
"Through art to peace and creation"
"Festival of Professions"
The final stage of the district youth competition "Strength of the Slavs"
03/17/2023 Meeting with a representative of the Citizenship and Migration Department
03/16/2023 On a single sanitary day...
“The greatest luxury is the luxury of human communication!”
BUDEXPO – 2023
Citywide flower-laying ceremony at the stele "Minsk-Hero-City"
“Labor is cool!”
Meeting of the labor collective with the senior engineer of the sector of state fire supervision Glinskaya E.D.
03/14/2023 "World Cafe"
Meeting with the writer P.V. Gushinets
"World of Law. Constitution of the Republic of Belarus"
Parent meeting on the topic: "Prevention of juvenile delinquency"
Interregional research conference "XXI century - the century of professionals"
Chess is a sport, a science, an art
Volleyball meeting among the teams of training groups 2292 and 2294
Quilling workshop
On March 11, a hockey match was held at the Olympic Arena
Master class "We meet Spring!"
03/09/2023 Basketball match
Meeting of the labor collective of the branch with the vice-rector of BNTU Zakharevich V.A.
To the 110th anniversary of the birth of the remarkable writer Mikhalkov S.V.
Folk doll "Multihanded"
Holiday of female beauty, tenderness and warmth
«Beetle-trail» - #24 Spring»
Charoyny Mlyn - 2023
Subbotnik is a good and useful tradition
WorldSkills 2023
Dialogue platform "Drugs and the Internet"
03/03/2023. Career guidance meeting
Within the framework of the project "Echo of Khatyn"
On the basis of the library N5 in Minsk, an exhibition of creative works by the artist Nina Nikolaevna Tretyakova is being held
Music for the spiritual improvement of a person
Information hour “Serving the motherland is a vocation and life credo”

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