Symbols of my country
“The 19th century Kozell-Poklevsky manor and park complex”
"One Great Victory for all" Park named after. M. Gorky
05/08/2024 Game “Brain Slaughter” on the theme “There is a memory in which there will be no oblivion!”
05/08/2024 Open dialogue "Genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War"
05/08/2024 Memory lesson "At the Eternal Flame"
05/08/2024 Laying flowers at the obelisk "Minsk Hero City"
"Dedicated to the survivors"
Participation in the “Remember. Honor. Proud” campaign
"Alps, 41st"
"Time to Return"
Congratulations to the winners of the student scientific and practical conference “People and Money”
36 and 6
Songs of war
Presentation screening of the documentary film "Liberation"
05/02/2024 Poetic meeting with artist Zinaida Vladimirovna Feoktistova with the production “Berry Farm”
As part of the week of the cycle commission “Social, humanitarian and economic subjects”
Participation in the Labor Day in Pobedy Park
«Gardens of Hope»
Creative and patriotic competition "The bells of our memory"
Awarding the participants of the III student scientific and practical conference “We are building the future”
Results of the First International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “WE Build the Future”
04/27/2024 Participation in the open day of the Belarusian National Technical University
Volunteer project "Eurasian Cup of Cleanliness: Belarus"
04/26/2024 "Chernobyl - the pain of my soul"
04/25/2024  “My homeland Belarus in faces. Taking care of your health" (about medical workers)
Results of the X International Professional Competition NOPRIZ
04/25/2024 Job fair
"For the sake of peace, for the sake of happiness..."
"15 days before the Great Victory"
A lesson in memory and courage with a combat participant in Afghanistan
Participation in the reporting and election conference of the primary trade union organization of BNTU students
Bowling competition among members of the PPO of BNTU employees
Participation in the patriotic song and music competition
“Subbotnik is a tradition, and our people live by traditions”
Career guidance meeting with a teacher from the Faculty of Construction of BNTU
"Pedagogy for the digital generation"
As part of the outreach project “Open Knowledge”
04/18/2024 EDI meeting of the staff of the BNTU branch "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" with the deputy head of the administration of the Partizansky district
04/18/2024 EDI "The All-Belarusian People's Assembly is a guarantor of political stability and sovereignty"
Attending football matches
Interactive lecture program “The Great Patriotic War – figures and facts”
Excursions "Step into history and "Father's Hut"
Hour of communication "Nothing is forgotten - no one is forgotten"
"Expand the boundaries of the world within the globe"
"A person dies when the last memory of him dies"
"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"
"Concentration camps on the territory of Belarus"
“Family and childhood: without cruelty and war”
04/10/2024 "State Archives of the Minsk Region"
“Financial literacy is the best investment”
Ceremony of presenting certificates of inclusion on the Board of Honor of the Partizansky District
Stage of the professional skills competition in the direction of “Creative Professions and Fashion”
"A step into history and "Father's House"

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