Foundation and development of Minsk State architectural- building technical school is closely connected with the history of native secondary special school, with the development of economy and the culture of the Republic of Belarus.
Building technical school with two branches: architectural and road departments (“ Zvyazda” on October 4, 1921), was opened in Minsk with the resolution of Glavprofobr of our republic.
The Organizing Bureau, headed by V.B. Gurevich, who was appointed Director of technical school, was engaged in searching of the premises, development of academic plans and selection of personal.
Колледжу 85 лет
A special commission developed academic plans and programs. The academic plan was made up in 2 ways: to fulfill it, the student should possess the graduation and on the other hand, get the opportunity to reach the qualification of engineer after additional course.( “Vestnik of national Commissariat of education”, October, 1921).
The technical school was situated in Mariinskay gymnasium in Podgornay Street, 37. (K. Marks, 29 nowadays).
Мариинская гимназия
Classes in the technical school began on November 1, 1921 and the opening ceremony took place on November 13, 1921. (“Zvyazda”, on November 11, 1921).
Theoretical traning of students combined with the practical lessons, held in educational workshops,and then at the plants and building sites to design simple constructions after graduation.
The technical school had to stop its activity. The technical school was closed because of lack of resources in January, 1922. The work began again in 1926, at the same time, the technical school was renamed into Minsk architectural-road-building technical school (“Zvyazda”, on June 15, 1926).
Открытие строительного техникума
There were only 13 alumni. Two year evening working technical school with two branches – architectural-building and mechanical was opened on the base of Minsk architectural-road-building technical school, but in two years it was transferred into Vitebsk Polytechnical school. The exhibition of 28 graduators’ was organized at that time.
Minsk architectural-road-building technical school was merged into Minsk State hydrotechnical school and transferred into Minsk State polytechnical shool in April, 1928. Minsk State polytechnical shool was reorganized into Architectural-building technical school, subordinated to VDNH of the BSSR.
I.M. Makhlis was appointed Director of the technical school in 1934. The technical school was removed into a new promises in 1934, in K. Marks Street.
2500 specialists were trained during the pre-war period. There were about 1200 students and about 60 teachers (“The history of Minsk”, Mn., 1967).
Махлис И.М.
МГСТ. Выпуск 1939 года.
During the occupation Minsk was destroyed by German invaders almost completely. The reconstruction of destroyed cities and villages was still being started during the war. Building specialities were in great demand at that time.
Minsk architectural technical school was one of the first educational establishments which was restored.(the Order of the Commitee of the Soviet Union by the Ministry of Civil Engineering of the BSSR №594 on July 20, 1945.
S.G.Chirsky was appointed Director of Minsk architectural technical school.
The technical school didn’t have the building of its own its thats why the classes were held in school № 35 Osoaviakhimstreet (Mogilievskaya street,7 nowadays).Only 90 students were entered on speciality "Civil and Industrial Engineering" in its first post-war course.
The archival materials of that time: 1946 - 40 of 163 students were the participants of the Great Patriotic War. 
The technical school rented the classrooms of a secondary school and the classes had to be held after 4.00 p.m. PE classes were taken place in school № 33 (Moskovskaya str.) and in the House of Officers.
Чирский С.Г.
P.P. Kravtsov was appointed Director of Technical school in 1948.
The technical school had its own hostel occupying only 3 barracks at that time, 2 of them were built in 1945 and the third one - by the students in 1948. A special commission worked at the hostel that controlled the sanitary conditions of the rooms and internal regulations in it.
Despite of the post-war year difficulties, the great emphasis in school was paid to sport. The competitions on shooting, athletics bike, relay racing were held at the technical school.
E.M.Polosin, the honored artist of the BSSR, was the leader of the team of Amateur society .Its participants gave concerts in Minsk and its region.
In 1951 the technical school trained such specialists majoring in Architecture, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Heat Supply and Ventilation.
Full-time and Evening departments began working in 1953.
4-storeyed building of the technical school was put into operation in August, 1954, in Galantereynaya Str., 7 (now Zm.Byaduli, 7)
Кравцов П.П.
I.A.Stanilevich was appointed Director of technical school in 1955.
In 1956 the technical school had 2 educational buildings and the workshops with the total area of 2500 m2.
Minsk building technical school was reorganized into Minsk architectural- building technical school in 1966.
The quality of education was provided by the teaching staff. There were 5 honored teachers of the BSSR such as I.A.Stanilevich, V.I.Vilchinsky, P.K.Varivonchik, M.B.Karaban, N.V. Pokrovskaya.
The laboratories and classrooms were equipped with slide projectors, players, tape- recorders, arithmometers and mechanical calculaters VK-2.
In 1965 the Technical school took the first place at the IVth Republican Exhibition of creativity of its students.
In the mid-60th the first 5 foreign students from Mali were educated in the technical school,but in the mid-70th there were 127 persons educated in it.
(Mongolia, Chile, Syria, Angola, Afganistan and from other countries.)
In 1971 MABT celebrated its 50th anniversary and was awarded the hononary diploma of the Supreme Council of the BSSR due to its anniversary and for merits in training of high qualified specialists for building construction.
Станилевич И.А.
A.I. Tamkovich was appointed Director of technical school in 1976.
The process of education was being improved during those years. The students took an active part in creation of exhibits for VDNH of the USSR.
V.Ju. Lebedev (group 299), Ju.L. Ryzhykov (group 291), M.F. Ivanov (group 266), V.I. Skorlupov (group 296), A.A. Snigur, M.V. Panteley, V.V. Ignatovets, V.M. Sakovets (group 276) got money benefits in 1979.
Тамкович А.И.
V.Ja. Kananovich was appointed Director of technical school in 1980.
The educational process was equipped with technical means of training. There were grapho-,picture-,filmstrip projectors and audio equipment in the classrooms.The technical school had 2 linguistic laboratories and 3 classrooms of programming training. The students of MABT could have its practice in different countries of the USSR.The students of architectural department worked in Kishinev and Leningrad.
The students of the department "Water Supply and Canalisation" had their practice in Petrodvorets.
During several years the students of the department "Civil and Industrial Engineering" left for practical training to Gotha to the GDR.
The practice was closely related to course and diploma design. Many students’ projects had a real goal and were made on the basis of economic contracts.
Практика тесно увязывалась с курсовым и дипломным проектированием. Многие проекты учащихся имели реальную направленность и выполнялись на хоздоговорной основе.
Кананович В.Я.
In 1989 I.I. Shostak was appointed Director of technical School.
He is holding the post of Director nowadays. By order of Ministry of Education N61 on the second of February 2000 Minsk State architectural-building technical school was reorganized into Minsk State architectural-building college. By order of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus N83 adopted on the 5-th of February 2014 and by order of Belarusian National Technical University N259 adopted on the 19-th of February, MSABC turned into the branch of the BNTU.
Under the guidance of I.I. Shostak much has been done to improve the teaching-education process of the college and the living being of the students: some economic specialties and the spe-cialty “Design” were included into the education curriculum of the establishment.
Some of them are thought on the commercial basics. High level of general and professional education is provided by up-to-date equipment of laboratories, computer classes, far-flung local network and certainly, by the efforts of highly qualified staff of teachers.
Шостак И.И.

Director of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" in 2018 Demyanovich Nadezhda Stanislavovna was appointed.
The dining room has been refurbished and reopened. A major overhaul was made and a fire alarm warning system and a heating unit were put into operation. The current repair of the roof, common areas of the hostel was carried out: bathrooms, washing, kitchens, washbasins. The dormitory window filling, doors were replaced, the cold and hot water supply system, heating system, sewerage pipes, shutoff valves, porch, hall were repaired. The current repair of training and production workshops was carried out, including the heating system with the replacement of pipes and radiators, window filling.
The current repairs of the corridors of the second educational building, part of the classrooms of the first educational building, heating and water supply systems were carried out.
More than forty units of computer equipment used in the educational process have been updated. The exhibition of students' works has been updated and expanded.
In 2022, a new specialty "Architectural design of the urban environment" was opened.
Further expansion of computer support is planned. Educational, production, economic and managerial processes of the branch of BNTU "MGASK".

Демьянович Н.С.