Review of MGASC events from November 6 to 12


On November 7, 2023, the workforce of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering", as part of the celebration of the 106th anniversary of the October Revolution, took part in the solemn ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin.



Remember! Through the centuries, through the years - remember! Remember about those who will never come again!”
Students of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" took part in cleaning the area on Antonovskaya Street in the birch park. This place is legendary: in June 1941, a group of Red Army soldiers took part in an unequal battle here.
They held out until the last, all but one died. After the war, the surviving front-line soldier came to Minsk and planted as many birch trees here as his comrades lost their lives.
Years passed, the trees grew.
But human memory is immortal!



11/09/2023 students of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" attended the premiere of Alexander Efremov's film "Waiting List".
The film "Waiting List" tells about the fate of Belarusian doctors, their complex profession, relationships in the profession and in the family, the time in which we live. The focus is on the socially active position of modern doctors, who put first place not personal benefits, but the health of patients. And they make their choice, guided by their civic position and the desire to develop domestic medicine.
The film looks easy and relaxed, the story is about all of us: what we are like, what is happening to us now, how we evaluate it, when it comes to honor, duty - professional and human, patriotism, the Motherland.




The exhibition “Mikhailovskoe. Pushkin’s Cabinet”, opened in the Yanka Kupala library. The project was prepared jointly with the State Memorial Historical, Literary and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoe".
Students of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" got the opportunity to feel the unique spirit of Pushkin Mountains.
The Pushkin Nature Reserve is a place beyond borders, belonging to everyone who loves the Russian language and reads the great poet. The guys learned that Pushkin’s name is inextricably linked with Belarus: here is his friendship with the romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz, and the influence that Pushkin’s poems had on another classic of Belarusian literature, Yakub Kolas, who translated the poem “Poltava”.
This exhibition presents views of mansions and estates where Alexander Pushkin lived or simply visited, as well as fragments of museum exhibitions. Everyone who visits the exhibition will be able to discover their own Pushkin - poet, artist, playwright.




The branch hosted the “Freshman 2023” competition
This day has been celebrated in our college for many years with the support of the workshop (trade union) organization of students. The freshmen decided not to change traditions. The guys prepared for the competition for two months: they rehearsed hard, came up with ideas, didn’t sleep at night, and pulled together.
Each group presented itself interestingly, each performance was creative and vibrant.
The participants gave the audience many smiles, joy and laughter. It was impossible to take your eyes off the stage, everything was thought out to the smallest detail. It was so nice to see the fire in the eyes of new students.
Choosing the winners from among all the first year groups was a difficult decision for the jury members.



As part of the school of volunteers "Today" on the basis of the RCMI "Steps", a lecture was held Social volunteering: the experience of the UN Children's Fund UNICEF on the opportunities for participation and volunteering in these projects, as well as in general about social volunteering in our country.
At the event, the guys learned about what it’s like to be a volunteer “first-hand”, about opportunities for cooperation with the Children’s Fund and shared interesting ideas for events!



What could be more wonderful than tuning into the cosmic wave when November is outside the window?
At the painting exhibition “Cosmic Rhythms - 23” you will be immersed in the depths of interstellar space and exciting encounters with fantastic characters.
Such an opportunity for students of the branch of BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering" was created by wonderful Belarusian artists: Daria Bogoslova, Ksenia Misan-Bistrova, Andrei Vysokinsky, Irina Gospodarskaya.
The exhibition contains pictures with a philosophical mood that combine the heavenly and earthly, external and internal. In addition, the imagination of artists is simply boundless ‌ mysterious images, on some canvases, they literally fascinate with their unusualness.
The guys found themselves surrounded by colored energies, where each picture is like a portal through which you can see the beauty of other dimensions, and also go on a fantastic journey through nebulae and galaxies. The atmosphere of the exhibition is conducive to listening to the music of the stars, feeling the waves of cosmic love, deciphering messages from other planets and taking selfies with cute aliens.