Memorial Day of the Internationalist Warriors



31 years ago, on February 15, with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the war ended, which lasted twice as long as the Great Patriotic War. It went thousands of kilometers from the Belarusian land, but left scars in the memory of not only the 30 thousand of our countrymen who passed through it, but also of all our people.
On the Memorial Day of internationalist warriors, students of the BNTU branch of the Minsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering took part in the solemn ceremony of laying flowers on the island of Courage and Sorrow, and also, on February 18, visited the Museum of History and Military Glory of the 5th separate special brigade in the city of Marina Gorka.
The substantial excursion left a lot of impressions; what was seen and heard in the museum was a real lesson in Courage.

Photo report