Creative meeting "On the heart vertically"



On February 13, 2020, in the reading room of the library of the BNTU “MGASK” branch, a creative meeting "On the heart vertically" was held with the famous Belarusian poetess, bard, member of the Minsk city branch of the Writers Union of Belarus, laureate of the Republican Literary Prize for the book of poems “Someday”, Alina Antonovna Legostaeva. The meeting was attended by groups 9191, 9292.
The fate of this woman (born in Belarus, lived in Lithuania, built BAM, but returned to her homeland is a vivid example of patriotism, which manifests itself primarily in actions.
Alina Antonovna Legostaeva shared with her students her personal experiences of the crucial moments of her life, falling mainly in the crucial 80-90s, accompanied by a kind of confession with soulful poems.
She writes in Russian and Belarusian and only about how she feels. Her poems are warm, sincere, about the transience of time, about modernity and, of course, about love.
When her conversation with the students felt an interest in world events, awareness, sincerity, understanding, and experienced deep patriotism. Therefore, her poems found a response in the hearts of the guys. In memory of the meeting, the guest presented the library with her autographed poetry collection.

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