Unified security day



From February 20 to March 1, the republic will host events within the framework of the Unified Security Day
In the third decade of February, targeted preventive measures will be taken throughout the republic to prevent emergency situations, offenses and crimes, as well as training in behavior in the conditions of fires, accidents, and first aid:

- exercises and trainings on response to emergency situations of natural and man-made nature at explosive, fire, chemically hazardous facilities, facilities with a large stay of people;
- checking the warning system, including via SMS, broadcasting messages from the Ministry of Emergencies in television and radio;
- various institutions will work out the safe conduct of evacuation from their buildings.

As part of the “Unified Security Day” in educational institutions, it is planned to conduct thematic “Safety Lessons” taking into account the age characteristics of children, briefings with the teaching staff, preventive conversations with parents with a demonstration of thematic videos, and conduct school-wide educational evacuations. In the structural divisions of various departments during this period open door days will be held.
In addition to government bodies (Prosecutor General's Office, Ministry of Emergencies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, Ministry of Culture) and local authorities, various organizations and public associations will take part in the action: Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, Belarusian Volunteer Fire Society ”, Belarusian Red Cross Society, RSVO OSVOD, RPA Belaya Rus and NGO Belarusian Republican Youth Union.
The tasks of the “Unified security day” are the formation by joint efforts in the society of a culture of life safety, the conduct of educational work with the younger generation.

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