Stream for students "Breathe. Think. Act"


As part of the Week of the cyclic commission "Social, Humanitarian and Economic Disciplines" on February 20, 2023, a motivational stream for students "Breathe. Think. Act" was held at the branch.

The goal of the stream is to positively motivate students, stimulate interpersonal interaction, and unite study groups. 25 motivating posters were placed on the floors of the educational buildings.

The task is to find the posters, rewrite them in the list in order, take a picture and send the photo to the organizer.

The group 1193 "Architecture" (curator - Podolyanchik K.V.) coped with the task the fastest and was awarded a sweet prize! "Silver" for group 0792 (curator Prishchep M.P.). Congratulations, we wish you all only positive motivation!