Master class "Slavic doll "Zhelannitsa"


As part of participation in the republican competition of social youth projects "Youth of Belarus for Life, Morality and Family Values", a master class "Slavic doll "Zhelannitsa" was held at the branch of the BNTU "Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering".

The Slavs made dolls from what was at hand. Cloth, bast, straw or tree branches were used.

The most popular raw material for Slavic dolls was fabric. Dolls made of matter were called motanks. Their name comes from the method of manufacture - the fabric was not sewn with a needle, but wound, tied with threads.

The amulet doll Zhelannitsa supported the hostess in household chores and, of course, contributed to the fulfillment of desires.

Our young craftswomen mastered the folk tradition of making dolls with pleasure, although this turned out to be not an easy task.

But now we know for sure - all the wishes will come true!