College Streetball Championship


In the branch of the BNTU MGASK, the College basketball (streetball) championship among students of educational groups has ended.

This academic year, several groups have applied for two teams, this indicates the interest of the children and the popularity of this game. Of course, the main favorite to win was the team of the 1293 group, on the basis of which the college basketball team was formed, which took second place in the Championship of the Partizansky District this spring. But the first-year students tried not to yield to anyone in the technique and tactics of the game and showed high performance and beautiful spectacular games.

According to the results of the games, the places were distributed as follows:


1st place - study group team 1293

2nd place - study group team 1291

3rd place - study group team 2293


The teams were awarded medals and certificates. Congratulations to the winners and prize-winners of the competition, we wish you further success and victories!!!