As part of the Republican campaign "Don't burn your life"


On November 9, 2022, as part of the republican campaign “Don’t burn your life”, students met with Pavel Chernobuk, the senior inspector of the Special Educational and Establishment of the Partizan ROChS, at the branch of the BNTU “Minsk State College of Architecture and Civil Engineering”.
During the meeting, the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations recalled the fire safety rules, spoke about the causes of most emergencies, drew attention to the problem of deaths due to careless handling of fire when smoking. Separately, he dwelled on the number of fires and deaths in them this year.
Particular attention was paid to fires in the housing stock, as well as elementary safety rules that must be observed in everyday life.
Pavel Chernobuk gave specific examples of fires with death, spoke about how a person needs to act in the event of a fire or fire.
Conducted a quiz with students on the popular learning platform Kahoot.
The event was attended by an inspector for minors of the Partizansky District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk, police lieutenant Marchenko Vasilina Vladimirovna held a preventive conversation with students, in which she spoke about the responsibility for drinking alcoholic, low-alcohol drinks, beer, smoking tobacco products in prohibited places and other offenses and crimes, committed by minors.
The meeting was held in the form of a dialogue, the students had the opportunity to ask the specialist questions of interest and get a qualified answer.