"Minsk shift 2023"


On 10/27/2022, as part of the activities to carry out the city project in 2022/2023 to identify and support youth initiatives, students and teachers of the BNTU MGASK branch visited Minsk State Linguistic University, where they connected to the online broadcast of the presentation of the project "Minsk shift 2023". This project is a platform for joint programs of students and representatives of various departments and departments.
"Minsk Shift" is a unique initiative not only to identify creative student youth, but also provides an opportunity to present their ideas and put into practice the best ones thanks to the support of the Minsk City Executive Committee. This is a wonderful project being implemented in the capital.
You can also participate and reveal yourself, having the opportunity to reach out, to realize this or that idea. Regardless of who becomes the winner, all your initiatives are a great contribution to the development of the city. You can look at purposeful guys who have their own point of view on what is happening. And you can also help to make our capital better and more beautiful. And to clearly demonstrate that our youth is modern, has a great creative potential.