Minsk - Kamai village - Postavy - Luchai village – Minsk

On May 30, an excursion trip was organized for teachers and students of the college along the route: Minsk - Kamai village - Postavy - Luchai village - Minsk. In the village of Kamai, there is a monumental stone church built over 400 years ago. The ascetic facade, decorated with only four arched niches, characterizes it as a monument of defensive architecture, in which elements of the Gothic and Renaissance are present.
The town of Postavy is unique in that a whole complex of buildings related to the architectural style of the Baroque era has been preserved here. Built of red brick, the Church of St. Anthony of Padua is considered one of the best examples of the neo-Gothic style in Belarus. Church of st. Nicholas, which belongs to the retrospective Russian style, harmoniously complements the central buildings of the city. One of the main attractions of the city is the estate-palace of Tyzenhaus, built in the style of classicism.
The Church of St. Tadeusz in Luchai is unique in that it belongs to the transitional type - despite the numerous elements of the Baroque style, the features of a new direction - classicism - are already clearly traced in it.