Belarus and Russia: the history of the formation and development of the Union State

On April 2, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation celebrate the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia. On the eve of the Day of Unity, within the framework of the information and educational project "School of the Active Citizen", on March 25, 2021, an event was held at the branch of BNTU "MGASK" on the topic: "Belarus and Russia: the history of the formation and development of the Union State" Belarus and Russia).
During the event, the students learned how to ensure the peaceful and democratic development of the union state; strengthening friendship, improving the well-being and living standards of fraternal peoples; creation of a single economic and customs space; ensuring socio-economic development on the basis of combining the material and intellectual potential of the participating states; pursuing a coordinated foreign and defense policy; formation of a unified legal system; implementation of a coordinated social policy; ensuring security and combating crime.
We got acquainted with the main youth programs of the Union State: International Subject Olympiad of the Union State in Russian language and literature "Russia and Belarus: historical and spiritual community"; tourist meeting of students of the Union State; meeting of young ecologists of Belarus and Russia "Ecology without borders"; tours of the Belarusian-Russian Youth Symphony Orchestra; master classes for students of art educational institutions of Russia and Belarus "The Union State for young talents of the XXI century"; Festival of the Union State "Creativity of the Young" (in Anapa), "Youth for the Union State"; sports day of the Union State for children and youth; organization of treatment and rehabilitation of children of Belarus and Russia, who were most affected by the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant; bike ride of the Union State “Youth of Russia and Belarus - the road to the future of the Union State”; competition of scientific and technical creativity of students of the Union State "Talents of the XXI century."