World Poetry Day. Creative meeting

On March 16, 2021, a creative meeting dedicated to the World Poetry Day was held in the reading room of the library of the BNTU "MGASK" branch. To which the Belarusian poet, translator, member of the Minsk city branch of the Writers' Union of Belarus, laureate of international and republican literary awards Inna Nikolaevna Frolova was invited. She is the author of poetry collections "Chakayu pershy snow", "There are light bars", "White beach", "Orange", "Daisies on the pavement", the translation book "Radka zhyvoga piligrymy ...".
She was born in Minsk, but she spent her childhood in the countryside, hence the poems imbued with love for nature, deeply lyrical. The poetess writes in the traditions of Belarusian and Russian poetry, and, nevertheless, is very consonant with today's time. During her communication with students, one could feel interest in events in the world, awareness, sincerity and deep patriotism. The guys from group 0292, who were present at the meeting, not only listened attentively to the poetess, but also took an active part in the conversation.
During communication with students, they talked about love for the Motherland, small homeland and native language. The theme of the Great Patriotic War was raised. Inna Nikolaevna talked about the heroism of our people during the war, remembered her relatives who fought, invited the children to share memories of their loved ones who had to endure the horrors of the war.
Close contact was established between the author and the audience. The guys listened attentively, asked questions that related to the life and work of the guest. They took an active part in the quiz offered by the poetess. It was necessary to recognize the author by the line from the poem. The children had the opportunity to recall the names of famous contemporary and classical poets. The meeting was warm and productive. In the responses that the guys left after the meeting, there are words of gratitude and a desire to meet with Frolova I.N.