03/20/2021 Doors open day

On March 20, the branch of BNTU "Minsk State Architectural and Construction College" opened its doors to applicants. The open day is traditionally held in spring, so that school graduates can get acquainted with the college, choose a specialty, find out the procedure for accepting documents, details about the entrance examinations.
The program of the event was quite extensive and informative: greeting participants and distributing promotional materials about the college, speeches of heads of departments, presentation of specialties, demonstration of examples of examination papers, individual consultations on the rules of admission and characteristics of specialties, conclusion of contracts for preparatory courses, as well as a tour of the college and classrooms with a visit to the exhibition of graduation projects of the branch graduates.
The open day gathered a large number of applicants interested in admission to us, we will be glad to tell you "Welcome!" next school year.
The selection committee will begin its work on July 20. Follow the information on our website.