On March 14, Maslenitsa week ended with festive festivities in the Gorky Park. There was also the burning of a scarecrow of Zima, and a pillar with gifts, and game programs, and performances by folklore groups, and of course there were pancakes with tea too!
An exhibition of educational institutions and organizations of the Partizansky district of Minsk was located in an open area near the stage. Students of the branch of BNTU “Minsk State Architectural and Civil Engineering College” were happy to talk about the specifics of specialties and educational activities in the college, demonstrated the work of our students in the specialty “Design” and models of buildings, students in the specialty “Architecture”, answered all questions of future applicants.
Career guidance was successful, the handouts were distributed within a couple of hours, a large number of people gathered near the stands, which attracted media attention to our exhibition and even managed to get into the new releases!
Maslenitsa turned out to be a great way to have fun, get active and spend time with college benefits!