The unity of the people is the strength of an independent state

On February 25, in the branch of BNTU "Minsk State Architectural and Construction College" within the framework of the information and educational project "School of the Active Citizen" an event was held: "In the unity of the people is the strength of an independent state."
During the event, the following topics were discussed: the multinationality of our state; strengthening and development of the independence of Belarus; foundations of national unity, etc. We studied in more detail the issue of familiarization and popularization of the culture of peoples living on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
2021 is the Year of National Unity. The main goal of the state is the unity of all citizens, regardless of origin, religion and social status. The President of the Republic of Belarus signed Decree No. 1 “On declaring 2021 the Year of National Unity”. This decision was made in order to unite society, unite the Belarusian people on the basis of the ideas of the country's sovereignty and independence. The main priorities of the Belarusian state remain the welfare of the people, a peaceful foreign policy, and national security.
Summing up the results of the event, the students discussed the main results of the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly held the day before. This large-scale forum was held under the motto “Unity. Development. Independence". We also discussed what events dedicated to the Year of National Unity could be held in our educational institution.