The future soldier is rich in mind and strength!

On February 23, in honor of the celebration of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a festive event was held in the sports hall of the BNTU branch "Minsk State Architectural and Construction College" - "The future soldier is rich in mind and strength!"
The students of the branch demonstrated their sports training in the form of participation in sports relay races.
Two teams of the 3rd course of groups 9411, 9211 of specialties "Water supply, sewerage and protection of water resources", as well as "Industrial and civil construction" were presented. All stages of the competition were incredibly exciting and emotional for both the participants and the spectators, who were actively cheering for their favorites.
After the long-awaited results were announced, the participating teams were awarded with Diplomas and sweet prizes. In the final part of the event and the announcement of the winners, the audience was delighted with creative numbers from the students of the branch, dedicated to the theme of February 23.