Open distance competition for the academic discipline "Chemistry"

From February 4 to 5, 2021, an open distance competition with international participation in the discipline "Chemistry" was held. On the basis of the branch "Industrial Pedagogical College" of the educational institution "Republican Institute of Professional Education." The competition was attended by the branches of BNTU, MGMK im. M.I. Glinka, GGDSK UO RIPO, branch of MGPK UO RIPO, branch of MGPK them. academician M.S. Vysotsky UO RIPO, IPK RIPO branch, GKKP Almaty State Polytechnic College, GAPOU SO "Bogdanovich Polytechnic", GBPOU CPC named after N. Ya. Afinogenova, Kinel-Cherkassk branch of the Togliatti Medical College. 63 people participated from the college.
The following were awarded:

• diploma of the 1st degree - Pilikevich Victoria Viktorovna (group 0192)
• diplomas of the 2nd degree - Volchek Veronika Aleksandrovna (group 0191) and Kravtsova Arina Yurievna (group 0192)
• diploma of the 3rd degree - Malkevich Albina Aleksandrovna (group 0192).

Also 15 people who passed to the second round of the competition were awarded with diplomas of the participant.