The brightest successes in 2020

Celebrating the New Year is always summing up the old one. Our results are our achievements, work for the result.

The brightest successes in 2020:

1. Gifted students are awarded:
Diploma of the I degree of the republican competition of scientific and technical creativity "TechnoIntellect";
Diploma of the I degree in the final stage of the XXII republican competition of research works; Diploma of the III degree of the republican competition "TechnoElka".

2. A student of the branch became a laureate of the I All-Russian competition "ArchVector-2020", was awarded a Diploma of the II degree.

3. Students of the branch were awarded with diplomas of the participants of the XIV Republican competition of diploma projects:
Diploma of I degree and Diploma of II degree in the nomination "Urban Development" 5 Diplomas of the II degree in the category "Architecture".

4. Students took part in the final stage of the IV Republican competition of professional skills "WorldSkills Belarus 2020" (competence - dry construction).

5. The students took part in the "Chinese - Belarusian youth competition of research and innovation projects."

6. Pupils took part in the city stage of the republican competition “100 ideas for Belarus”.

7. 6 students of the branch became participants in the Republican Olympiad in academic subjects in the 2020/2021 academic year.

8. Award winning educators:
4 Certificates of honor from the administration of the Partizansky district of Minsk;
2 Certificates of honor of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus;
Certificate of honor of the Minsk City Council of Deputies;
5 Honorary Diplomas of BNTU and 2 Gratitude, Deputy Director for BP posted on the Board of Honor of BNTU.

9. Student detachment of the branch named after R.N. Machulsky was awarded the Gratitude of the Administration of the Partizansky District of Minsk (for the best organization of the student movement).

10. The volunteer detachment of the branch was awarded the Gratitude of the Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth.

11. The teachers and students of the branch took an active part in the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the BNTU.

12. Information and educational project "School of the Active Citizen" held a number of open events with invited participants (poets, employees, administration workers, etc.).

13. The MEDIA MGASK project is 1 year old!
Over this time:
• 33 posts were published on the social network Instagram;
• 2 digests were released (number of views 3000);
• 1800 user accounts covered;
• interaction with content + 460%; 1037 new subscribers;
• also in the official community of the branch in the social network VKontakte there are already 6,500 subscribers;
• 2 videos were filmed - ART dedicated to the celebration of the Teacher's Day and the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory.
• promo videos about the branch and specialties were released.

May next year we and you will have even more good and joyful events, good and wonderful deeds, with the coming New Year!