Creative and patriotic contest "Bells of our memory"

As part of the Year of Historical Memory, the branch of the BNTU "MGASK" hosted a creative and patriotic competition "Our memory is called".
The event is not easy, very emotional, but nevertheless, students participate with pleasure. Forming in the younger generation a sense of belonging to the heroic past, preserving the historical memory of the great feat of the people who defended Belarus during the Great Patriotic War, strengthening ties between generations are lofty goals that can be achieved through the preparation of author's and creative performances.
The competition is held in a chamber atmosphere, which allows you to feel more deeply about the topic and creates a touching atmosphere in the hall.
The winners:

In the nomination "Military poetry":
1st place - Yudina Alina
2nd place - Grigorenko Elizaveta
3rd place - Brovko Daniil

In the nomination "War song":
1st place - Ivanova Anna
2nd place - Duvbanova Victoria
3rd place - Pilikevich Victoria

All participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas and sweet gifts from the NGO BRSM.


In memory of Mahatma Gandhi

On 10/02/2020, the Indian Embassy hosted an award ceremony for the winners of the creative works competition "In Memory of Mahatma Gandhi", dedicated to the anniversary of the founder and ideologist of the Indian independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi.
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Belarus Sangeeta Bahadur presented Diplomas to the 4th year students of group 7791 of the specialty "Design" made under the guidance of teachers of special disciplines Dudarenko A.L. and Danilenko N.S.:

1st place
Radkova Anna Igorevna
Purenok Daria Sergeevna
Petrovich Anna Sergeevna
Maskevich Daria Zdislavovna

2nd place
Obednyak Nikita Aleksandrovich
Savchuk Anita Igorevna
Simanovskaya Daria Dmitrievna
Shilo Sofya Olegovna
Radkova Anna Igorevna