Minsk - u/v Zelva - Volkovysk - Minsk


In the Year of the Homeland for students and teachers of the BNTU MGASK branch 13.09. 2020 an excursion was organized along the route:
Minsk - u/v Zelva - Volkovysk - Minsk.
As part of the excursion around the urban village of Zelva, the students visited the Holy Trinity Church, which is an architectural monument of classicism, and the Holy Trinity Church, built in the neo-Gothic style. On the way to Volkovysk there is the largest reservoir of the Grodno region - the Zelva reservoir.
In the city of Volkovysk visited the military history museum named after PI Bagration, the Church of St. Wenceslas, the central square of the city, climbed the Swedish mountain, overcoming 120 steps, from which magnificent views of the city open.

Photo report