Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus
"Calendar and Book of Memory"
Open microphone
Day of Youth and Students!
"Ahead of the II CIS Games"
06/21/2023 As part of the Week of Youth and Students
"The future of the Motherland is to build the young!"
"Youth for sport"
Art-coffee house "To love the Motherland - to serve in the army"
06/20/2023 As part of the Week of Youth and Students
"Sustainable Architecture - Achievements and Challenges of the Present and Future"
"A moment of my life - 2023". Results
June 12-17 cross-country races
"Bookids Professions"
"Minsk shift - 2023". Results
Opening of the Third Labor Semester 2023
"Startup Marathon"
06/15/2023 A single day of information
06/11/2023 Belarus and Armenia 30 years
06/09/2023 Beach soccer
Defense of projects "Minsk Smena 2023"
Church of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky
"Youth of Belarus for life, morality and family values"
"Heroes of the Past"
224th anniversary of the poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin
Promotion "KinderVita"
«Art-Minsk 2023»
Master class "Tidbit"
"Rules for using the Internet!"
Extreme Sports Park
05/31/2023 "World Cafe"
June 1 - International Children's Day
24th anniversary of the tragedy on Nemiga
"A good book in good hands"
"A-100 Development"
05/30/2023 Dialogue platform
"XV marathon "Naliboki"
"Slaughter package"
"The Origins of Creativity"
05/27/2023 Thematic tour of the Upper Town
05/25/2023 STEP “Pride for Belarus. Results»
05/25/2023 "Event volunteering"
Match meeting in volleyball MGASK - MTK
Unusual art object
The city falls asleep - museums wake up
Central Botanical Garden
Work on the project "Octopus of Happiness"
Work on the project "Octopus of Happiness"
05/18/2023 UDW "Historical memory of the Great Patriotic War as a factor in the formation of patriotism"
"Historical memory of the Great Patriotic War as a factor in the formation of patriotism"
05/18/2023 "Youth job fair"
"Theatrical Spring"
Event on the topic: "Sexual attitude towards minors: characteristics, relevance, threat and prevention"
Hockey match Belarus-Russia
May 15 - International Family Day
Symbols of independence of our state
Literary drawing room "LINES SCORCHED BY WAR"
Well, dear friends, it has begun!
Master class on working with wool
05/13/2023 Bike ride
05/13/2023 Sports festival "For Belarus"
That house is good, where its inhabitants are good
"Thank You!" Award
Drugs. Stop in time
Results of the city stage of the V Republican competition
"Successful is the one who creates" 2023
Victory Day
Dance Competition "Lilac Waltz of Victory"
Exhibition-fair "Magic Mill"
“Belarus remembers. Thanks for the victory"
He who does not remember the past has no future!
Dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War
05/05/2023 "30 days to Victory"
Film "Nuremberg"
05/04/2023 "Forever in memory"
A charity concert
05/03/2023 Friendly match in volleyball
05/03/2023 World Cafe
"Water safety measures during the swimming season"
XX Republican Exhibition of Scientific and Methodological Literature
Labor Day
Алексей Aleksey Talai met with activists of the volunteer club "Kvoka" of the branch of BNTU "MGASK"
Results of the competition "Feat of ancestors in the hearts of heirs"
Participation in the sports and intellectual game "TRACK"
"Invincible Strongman"
04/28/2023 "30 days to Victory"
"Reasonable Conversation"
“Pride for Belarus. Culture of the Belarusian people: traditions, heritage, modernity”
Memorial complex "Trostenets"
"The Wild Hunt of King Stakh"
"How to teach to help?"
04/27/2023 "Big kitchen cleaning" campaign
Feature Film "Not a Game"
National Art Museum
"Victims of Chernobyl"
Pilgrimage to the most ancient city of Belarus - Polotsk
Within the framework of the subject week of the Central Committee "Engineering Graphics and General Technical Disciplines"
Republican Subbotnik
04/21/2023 "Library Night"
Quiz game "The Force of Law: We and the Law"»
04/20/2023 Meeting of the deputy of the Minsk City Council of Deputies R. Nikonov with the labor collective
04/20/2023 Dialogue with youth on a single information day
04/20/2023 Single sanitary day
Kvasha Ivan Dmitrievich
Competition "Bells of our memory"
"30 Days to Victory"
04/19/2023 Improvement and cleaning of the territory
As part of the campaign "30 days to Victory"
04/18/2023 Mini-volleyball tournament "MTS CUP 2023"
Charity event "Kind Heart"
150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninov
04/17/2023 "I chose the right profession"
Easter eggs décor
"Bright Edges"
04/14/2023 Practical development of the evacuation plan
04/14/2023 Presentation of certificates to members of the MOOP
RCMI "Steps"
04/13/2023 historical readings - "Stolypin: life for the Fatherland"
"Let's talk frankly!"
I'm talking about mercy...
Thematic hour "While we live - we remember"
Thematic hour "While we live - we remember"
April 11 International Day for the Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps
College is a common house, let it be clean and comfortable in it!
Mustachioed, tailed, fluffy, smooth-haired
Participation in the competition on economic literacy "Start the path to success!"
Charity event "Kind Heart"
From 03/13/2023 to 04/06/2023 MGASK Volleyball Championship
Master class "Crime against plants"
04/06/2023 Open dialogue
"Healthy youth - healthy future"
04/06/2023 Single sanitary day
"Family Without Violence"
"Slavic kaleidoscope"
04/04/2023-04/05/2023 Stage of the tournament "Brain Battle"
Meeting with poetess Tamara Kovalchuk
"The State Archive of the Minsk Region"
04/05/2023 Crime prevention issues
04/05/2023 Memory lesson "About the war, after the war"
Exhibition project at the Palace of Art
Rink "Youth"