World no smoking day
"Warm paws 2020"
Project "My native land"
VIII International Conference
The play "To Love"
Belarusian cuisine
EMERCOM of Belarus: Help is near
Solemn laying of wreaths and flowers at the monument to Lenin V.I.
XIV Republican competition of diploma projects
Excursion trip to the enterprise "Granite"
Meeting at the poetry club "Parnas"
In Memory of Mahatma Gandhi
Master-class "Musicians play, play"
International Mother's Day
College Football Championship
Excursion to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve
Creative meeting with the poet Ekaterina Stroylova
Competition of research and innovation projects
Solemn ceremony of awarding teachers of educational institutions
Festive concert dedicated to Teacher's Day
100th Anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union
WorldSkills Belarus 2020
Bike ride
College Cup Competitions
Week of sports and health
Minsk - u/v Zelva - Volkovysk - Minsk
Laying flowers at the Victory Monument
Prevention of viral infections
Beginning of a new academic year
Independence Day
Meeting with the deputy
Regional distance Olympiad "Ecology. Safety. Building."
Participation in the improvement of the capital
Results of the contest for the best social project and volunteer initiative “Thank you!”
In the framework of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War
Bicycle marathon "Honor"
Into the world of search, into the world of creativity, into the world of science
Belarusian Republican Youth Union and the Belarusian Post #thankyoumedics

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. "We never know the whole story"

The Ministry of Emergencies warns of the danger of dry vegetation.
What if the grass burns?
02/17-19/02 selection for Worldskills Belarus 2020
«I must be a citizen»
03/25/20 Table Tennis Competitions
Metro station "Kavalskaya Sloboda"
Republican contest "TechnoElka"
College volleyball championship
Participation in the seminar "Media Volunteering"
Jumper Day
X Plenum of the Partisan District Committee of the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" in Minsk
Presentation of new books by Trahimenok S.A.
Minsk city - Bezdezh village - Motol village - Minsk city
Competition for children’s creativity “Rescuers through the eyes of children”
Shrovetide wide
Solemn ceremony of presenting membership cards to the ranks of the primary organization of NGO "Belaya Rus"
The sacred duty we will be faithful
Architectural competition ArchYouth-2020
Letters of thanks from the Department of Internal Affairs of the Partizansky district administration
02/23/2020 The race of real men
The future soldier is rich in intelligence and strength
Unified security day
Memorial Day of the Internationalist Warriors
02/14/2020 College Championship volleyball
Creative meeting "On the heart vertically"
02/05/2020 Friendly volleyball meeting
Remote international competition in discipline "Chemistry"
Minsk region Athletics Championship
Friendly match in volleyball
Meeting with the head of the District Emergency Department
Excursion to the Church History Museum
I place in the Championship of Minsk region in athletics
I place in the Minsk Region Athletics Cup
Participation in the international distance contest of booklets by profession (result)
Scientists who glorified Belarus
01/20/2020, direct pedagogical readings were held on the topic “Modern Directions for Improving the Quality of Training of Competitive Specialists in Demand in the Labor Market”
Minsk - Borisov - Orsha - Minsk
XVI Christmas International Hockey Tournament
Republican meeting of the educational-methodical association


December 28, 2019 in the branch of BNTU "MSABT" it was held an Applicants day 

Education. Programma December 28, 2019


Keeping traditions, building the future

Minsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering is a finalist of the contest "Best Builder - 2019".
Nomination: The best institution for training in the construction industry

Fair of Innovative Ideas
Do not burn your life!
Participation in the international distance contest of booklets by profession
The memory of Trostenets
All-Belarusian rally of student groups "Time of movement!"
Minsk - Polotsk - Minsk
Young to young
A meeting of students with a senior assistant to the prosecutor of Minsk, Dorozhko E.A.
Information hour on the topic “Belarus is a country for life. We did it together”
Ceremony of passage or, more simply, “Freshman - 2019”
Within the framework of the project "Kolazvarot"
Business game "Elections"
"Champion's Way"
Minsk - Boruny – Smorgon - Soly - Gervyaty - Minsk
As part of the annual year-round sports day
Closing of the third labor semester
Charoўny Mlyn
Information hour on the topic "I am the future voter"
Presentation for the first course "PolyKvest"
Exhibition "A New Look at Housing"
Further training on the topic: "Modern technologies of education"
Dedicated to Teacher's Day
Within the framework of the festival “Architectural Autumn - 2019”
To the Teacher’s Day excursion along the route: Minsk - Raubichi - Logoisk - Silichi - Minsk
International Day of Elderly Man
The Golden Feather of "Belaya Rus" - 2019
Literary meeting
Meeting of students with the district inspector of IDN Partizanski police department of Minsk
September 25, 2019 as part of the "Week of Sport and Health"
September 24, 2019 as part of the "Week of Sport and Health"
September 23, 2019 as part of the "Week of Sport and Health"
"Belarus is a country for life!"
City Festival 2019
Report on "Summer School -2019" for architects
Electoral campaign for the election of deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus
Minsk - Zdravnovo- Vitebsk - Minsk
Minsk Half Marathon - 2019
"Security lesson" with the first deputy prosecutor of the city of Minsk
International Knowledge Day line